Did you know, it is generally acknowledged that the West side of the lake is divided into 3 distinct tranches that reflect the property market – the South, the Centre and the North?

The South (Como Town to Laglio) where the traditional lake villas are located that are the residencies of business who require easy access to Milan and VIPs. Some of the residencies are the main homes whilst others are second homes to enjoy weekend breaks from Milan. The VIPs were originally home grown (Gianni Versace) and latterly celebrities - the George Clooney effect, others tend to be footballers from the Milan teams. As a result this area attracts day tourists, as there are relatively few hotels and tourist accommodation.

The Centre (Argegno to Menaggio) where there is a mix of older lake properties and apartments in private dwellings or newly constructed condominiums. Such properties are increasingly becoming the second homes of overseas purchasers from across Europe and worldwide, from the US and Canada to Asia. Many purchasers in this area look to rent out their property to generate an income, which can be quite lucrative. This area attracts more family orientated tourists, as there are a number of family friendly hotels as well as apartments to rent.

The North (San Siro to Sorico) this area is dominated by traditional lake properties with some new condominium developments. This area also has a variety of campsites located along the lakeshore and is magnet for water sports lovers in particularly wind and kite surfers. This reflects the tourists to this area who tend to be young sports enthusiasts as well as young families

Did you know, that property values are calculated on the price per square metre?

Did you know, that in 2016 the Italian Government is providing tax incentives for new energy efficient homes?

Did you know, that we sell properties within all three tranches of the West side of the lake and if required that we can manage your property for you, whether for sole use or for rental? Just ask for details

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